How to Efficiently Expand Your Marketing Sources

Tracy Woodworth, Media Analyst at Convertro ( talks about how to expand your marketing tactics. Watch this to get ideas on how to increase your marketing streams and get better results from your campaigns.

  1. Run small tests ($5-$10K) in your specific channel
  2. Use results to accurately measure impact
  3. Utilize multi-attribution to net out true effect & impact
  4. Add & scale winning test results

So, if you’re wanting to expand marketing sources, what you’re looking for is you actually want to find different ways to reach out into the market. And you actually want to aggregate and pull together all of the efficiency. Most people don’t know how to do it and when they do it, they tend to waste a lot of money and they do it wrong. So, what you would actually do to test new media channels like PPC or test like display would be a good one or you wanted to do some acquisition e-mail or you wanted to do some retention e-mail or you wanted to do offline or you wanted to do billboard print.

Whatever you decided to do, just take whatever that media channel is and just run a really small test. You don’t have to do it big, just 5 to $10,000. Then, what you’ll do is you’ll aggregate together all of the measurements and all of the different tools that you’ve used to pinpoint specific success areas and all of the events that you’re trying to track.

So how that would come into play with media attribution is if you have a billboard, you don’t necessarily want to allocate all of the credit towards that last billboard. If it’s a McDonalds of the side of the Freeway or something, yes that might deal a lot of people towards pulling off and pulling in but you kind of want to take a look at that more as a call to action. But if it’s a McDonalds billboard or some other restaurants food chain, there’s already been a saturation level that people are already pretty comfortable with.

So if you used the multi attribution techniques, you’ll be able to figure out what’s really fueling it, what’s really driving it and where is the actual thrust of what’s taking people from this current state of mind to a new state of mind.

So then what you’ll do is you’ll just aggregate together all of these results and you can combine them and we can take a look at what’s actually winning and balance out what your thrust is versus what you’re call to action or closure is and then you can work those two together to explain your media.

So what we’ve found with our clients is that if you really walk somebody through with this process, it’s a lot more efficient and it’s a lot easier than most people think it really needs to be.