Why is Fingerprinting Important?

Tracy Woodworth, Media Analyst at Convertro (http://www.convertro.com/) explains why fingerprinting is important. Understand what it is, and why it can help you maintain computer privacy.

  1. Every machine has unique characteristics fingerprinting recognizes
  2. Fuzzy logic maintains privacy by using a range of values
  3. Allows for easy re-association of two cookies as the same user
  • Fingerprinting- mass collection of data that can identify a specific user

So a fingerprint is a cookie that will be deployed and will actually, really quickly, read all the different characteristics and assessment inside your computer. So that way, when the user clears their cookie, that cookie they immediately deploy will actually retrieve information from the computer without invading any type of privacy but, will actually be able to identify different characteristics.

Very similar to a guy describing a girl: she’s got brown hair; she’s got blue eyes; she’s tall; she’s these different things. This cookie will actually read the different characteristics of a computer, so that way, when the user does clear their cookies and then comes back to the client’s website, this fingerprint will actually be able to read and tell, “Oh, this person has actually been here before.”

The beauty of it is that, it doesn’t invade any privacy because you can use a fussy logic which says, “Yes, this looks really close to somebody that we’ve seen before, we’re not a hundred percent sure, so it’s a little bit fussy but, we’re 99.9% sure this is the same person.” And what makes that so efficient is you can actually track the same user over years. And you can start to see trends and you can see cyclical cycles and you’re able to, actually, perform it and redirect your marketing to be more efficient that way.

And so if somebody comes in on a browser and it’s Chrome, and somebody else who comes in on an Internet Explorer browser, and this fussy fingerprint will, actually, be able to tell the difference and say, “This is actually the same person even though they’re using different browsers.”

Since it’s not an actual cookie that gets embedded on a user’s computer, it’s just a cookie that deploys and really quickly reads the data from a user’s computer and then stores it and harvests that information inside a database, having the fingerprinting technology, it won’t invade anybody’s privacy and it’s also – it would really be efficient, just moving forward in how you actually want to scale your business model and being able to track different trends for your business.