How to Improve Revenues and Profits by Over 35% - Television Advertising Best Practices

Tracy Woodworth, Media Analyst at Convertro ( talks about using time tested tactics to improve both revenues and profits. Analytics as well as forecasting and predictive capabilities can also help maximize yield.

  1. Increase Lifetime Values Based on Analytics and Proven Success Metrics
  2. Use Forecasting and Predictive Capabilities to Maximize Yield
  3. Build Side-by-Side Analyses by Channel and Time Periods to Assess

If you have the ability to track a lifetime value per channel of the audience that it’s bringing in, you’ll be able to take a look at that channel’s – that channels long term value in terms of how it’s actually going to affect your overall campaign and then you can take that data and you can actually forecast it against some predictive capabilities.

So what you’re going to be looking for is just different ways to maximize the yield that you’re going to be receiving from the users of the audience that you’re actually bringing in and then what you’re going to be able to do is you’ll go channel by channel and you’ll build side by side analysis and is again within those time periods assessments, you’ll be able to actually accurately figure out where your hotspots are. Where your sweet spots are? Where you really want to be careful of burnout? Where you want to make sure that you aren’t over-saturating a particular audience?

And so by using the different analysis to evaluate life time value, again based on the capabilities of the metrics, you should be able to produce the revenue and the profit for your campaign.