Cultivating Mid-Tier Affiliates - Building an Affiliate Marketing Program

Jeff Gordon, founder of Interactive99 ( discusses building an affiliate marketing program. In this video he explains how to attract mid-tier affiliates, to help lay a foundation for your program.

  1. Mid-tier affiliates may not be standouts but send quality volume
  2. Reach out directly to the top 10% mid-level affiliates & help them grow

So I’ve been involved in a lot of affiliate programs and more often than not, mid-tier affiliates represent the most overlooked source of volume that anybody could tap into.

We’ve all heard about them. We know they’re there. They’re driving volume, maybe not a lot but it might be quality.

So, as an affiliate manager it’s important to identify top 10, 20% of that 90% of affiliates and reach out and find out what you can do to get them into the top 10%. You may need to give them custom coupon codes. You might need to give them custom content but whatever it is, it is worth the effort to reach out to these guys.

Your mid-tier affiliates while often overlooked, if given some attention, you can find some enormous growth potential there.