Consolidate & Reduce Network Redundancy - Building an Affiliate Marketing Program

Jeff Gordon, founder of Interactive99 ( explains how to properly build an affiliate marketing program. Listen to these tips how to lower network redundancy.

  1. Limit the spread of your offer to reduce network redundancy
  2. Consolidate your offer on to 2-3 key networks

I’ve been involved in dozens of affiliate programs in all stages of development, some that are merely startups, others that have reached maturity and others that have hit growth plateaus. And so when an affiliate program plateaus, there are certain steps you can take to kick start it and get things moving again.

One approach which is rather counter intuitive is to reduce your network redundancy. If you find that your offers spread out over 5, 6, 7 or more networks, you may find that diminishing returns are occurring, particularly if affiliates are arbitraging your offer out and it’s starting to get a bit uncontrollable.

So what you want to think in terms of networks is less is more. Take 2 or 3 networks that are working for you and have demonstrated a good partnership, move your affiliates there, work with affiliates within those existing networks.

You’ll also find that the affiliates that have been inactive may quickly jump back on your offer after they realize that they no longer have the leisure to run that offer whenever they like.

So remember consolidation will help to grow your program and make your life easier at the same time.