Tips to Succeed for Women Entrepreneurs

Kim Kovacs, CEO of OptionEase ( offers tips for female businesswomen. Follow her advice to help achieve the career and salary you deserve.

  1. Practice networking & keep it professional
  2. Apply skills you already possess toward your business goals
  3. Don't be afraid of asking for money
  • PRO TIP: Look beyond lifestyle businesses
  • PRO TIP: Avoid trying to handle too much responsibility on your own

Being a woman entrepreneur, you know I’ve learned a lot over the years and there’s a few things that I would like to offer up.

You know the women entrepreneurs have changed and we are changing. We’re not in lifestyles businesses anymore. It used to be food and fashion. Those are sort of the two that women would migrate to. It used to be that women this would be their second or third career.

They had now become an entrepreneur and a lot of times that was because of the lifestyle changed, a divorce or death in the family or something. And so now we are moving away from that. Women entrepreneurs are coming up through college. They’re younger, they’re in their 20’s, they’re in their early 30’s. This might be the first thing they’ve ever done is now to become an entrepreneur and I think that’s fantastic.

So what we need to do though is help mentor these women as they become entrepreneurs and be successful and some of the things that we can do are basically what we are talking about now which are, we need a network and we need a network like men do. We need a network around business and keeping it professional. You know talking about your kids or your marital situation. That’s great for a glass of wine with your girlfriends but it’s not good for business, and it’s not good as an entrepreneur when you’re networking to come bring that level of personal-ness into it, right off the bat. So save those discussions and keep it really professional.

The other thing for women entrepreneur is that we’ve got a lot of skills and we got a lot of skills that we’ve learned over the years you know as women, moms, etc. that you can actually bring into your business. So don’t be afraid of finance, don’t be afraid of budgeting. Don’t be afraid of doing a patent or writing things or doing research. There’s a lot of things that you can do that you can contribute but you also you have to know that these skills can be applied to the business goal, but don’t think you can do it all. That’s the other thing that women typically kind of say, “Okay I can do. I can handle everything.”

Being able to ask for assistance is really important as well. So bring your skills in to a certain level and then know where to ask for that assistance after that is really key.

And probably the biggest that I think that women entrepreneurs have an issue with is money, okay. Money is available to companies. Money is available for good ideas. Money is available at every stage of your company’s growth and don’t be afraid to ask for it.

You know there are investors out there ready to put money into companies that make sense. There’s debt. There are convertible instruments. There’s all these things that you can do to finance your business but money is money. It is not who you are. It’s not a personal thing around you and women have always kind of thought of money as sort of extension of who they are and never have ask for money or felt they were obligated to give it back.

Business is business and it’s either going to succeed or failure or fail but money is needed to do that.

So certainly the role for women has changed especially becoming entrepreneurs and getting away from those lifestyle businesses and so forth so I hope these tips have helped you in your endeavors.