Developing Creative Ideas from a Request for Proposal

Kris Ordaz, Head of Digital Strategy at Katalyst ( breaks down the best ways to develop ideas from an RFP. These tips will help you build creative concepts for a project and be prepared to execute it efficiently.

  1. Obtain an RFP to determine all elements of the project
  2. Create several unique ideas that represent your company
  3. Think of the campaigns as summaries to determine if you're on the right track
  4. Be sure you follow up to address any questions & determine next steps

We have a lot brands that reach out to us. And the first thing that we always ask for is an RFP or a Request for Proposal. This RFP is very important because it’s a document that outlines what the brand is looking for, what their project goals are.

It also shows the demographic that they’re trying to hit. It hopefully includes the budget. And it definitely includes the timing in which they want this project to span.

So, what we’re trying to do is we generate three to four different ideas that are unique to our company. What it is that we specifically can offer to them or sort of out of the box thinking that we can provide that really positions the brand differently in the marketplace because you definitely want them to stand outside of what their competitors are doing.

Next, these campaign ideas really should be high level summaries. You don’t have to get too detailed about it because you want to understand whether or not the brand is going to be interested. So, you can do like a one-page side or a one-page document that sort of outlines maybe the concept of it. Is it a digital format? Is it an offline format? Talk about the distribution part of it, is it something that is going to be mainly based around social media or is there a particular audience reach that you think that this idea could really, you know, go forward to?

Necessary production elements, is there going to be a video campaign around this? Is there a website that has to be created? Is there a particular mobile app that needs to be brought into it?

And then, sort of outline an approximate budget. And you may not know what that budget is specifically. But if you have a really high level idea, then you could sort of at least give the brand an idea of what they have to work with.

Then, we always do a follow up discussion to answer any sort of question maybe to determine the next steps.

And then, based upon all this, the brands can then say, “Okay. Out of the three or four ideas that you provided to us, we really want to follow up with one of them. And let’s sort of take those next steps to really outline it further.”