Creating a Winning Pitch Deck

Kris Ordaz, Head of Digital Strategy at Katalyst ( talks about pitching your company. Follow these steps to create an amazing presentation deck when pitching your startup to funders.

  1. Your pitch deck should work without a live presentation
  2. Ensure your deck is easily understood & not overwhelming to a viewer
  3. Limit your deck to 10 slides & keep it visually engaging
  4. Incorporate compelling examples from previous work
  • PRO TIP: Avoid using stock images or templates for your backgrounds

We have a lot of brands that comes to us and they want ideas. And so, we create a lot of pitch decks.

The first thing that you want to think about is that your deck should really stand alone. It should be something that if you were to leave it behind, then, someone reading it would understand exactly what it means.

You want to structure the deck in a way that is easy to consume, have small chunks of texts, maybe even in bullet points and clear statements. Definitely, you want to limit the amount of slides that are there or the amount of pages.

And keep it visually stimulating, you know, maybe you want to add a sizzle reel to it. You want to add some graphics or images that are relevant to some of the texts that you’re talking about.

And one thing that we find is just don’t use the standard templates that are there within a PowerPoint of a Keynote product. Use background images that are colorful and interesting, something that is really about what your company as a value or as some of, you know, a fun factor really stands out with.

One key element that we find is using really relevant examples of successful projects or case studies that we’ve done in the past. So, for example, if there was something that was award winning possibly or something that very stands out as an out of the box thinking. Maybe even something that was very similar to a project that they’re asking you to work on. Show examples of that and how that was successful to the person that you’re working with.

So, after creating lots of decks, we find that these are the most key elements in really creating a deck that stands out is informational and really can grab the attention of the person that you’re trying to pitch it to.