Human Resources

Picking the Right Employee

Tony Greenberg, CEO of RampRate ( and DeepStrat ( shares techniques to pick the right employee. It is important to test and access potential workers in order to make sure they match the professional ethics and morality of the company.

  1. To start check Rocket-Hire & Corexcel's Team Dimensions Profile
  2. Assess your employees on 3 levels
  3. Test cognitive ability to fully assess their capabilityAssess their person to team fit to understand how they'll work within the companyDetermine if their professional ethics & morality match the company's

A CEO is basically an empresario. You’re building the team. That team is going to deliver on your vision so I rely in a lot of online tools and assessments to enable me to take the fast paced difficulty of hiring the right people to hurt.

So as a starting point, I love to look at Rocket-Hire and I love the idea of using assessments called Team Dimensional Profile. That looks at person to team and team to team fit. Employee assessments, I like on three different levels. The first is cognitive ability.

To truly understand what they’re capable of. Are they math oriented? Are they verbal oriented? How will they orient and how will they react to certain situations based on their cognitive ability.

The person to team fit, you’re building a team of innovation. You have conceptual, linear, adapting and changing behaviors. Not everyone is good in everything so find out what the innate strength of that person is and figure how they’re going to fit into the team that is intending deliver on your core mission.

And then next is professional ethics and morality. People are built and hard wired in a particular way. How do you understand that they’re good fit for what your ethos is in your company.

Anyone that doesn’t agree with online assessments doesn’t understand that gut instinct can only go so far in 15 minutes of meeting someone. Be prepared. Understand and use all the tools to enable you to be most successful in your hiring decisions.