Resources & Toolsets for Online Successful Enterprise Selling

Tony Greenberg, CEO of RampRate ( and DeepStrat ( talks about ways to be successful when selling your online enterprise. Here are resources and tool sets to get you on your way.

  1. InsideView connects through Salesforce to Facebook & other networks
  2. Constant Contact gives you a competitive analysis of campaigns
  3. MarketingSherpa acts as a marketer's manifesto
  4. Utilize social CRM tools like Connectedhq, Nimble, Mingly, & Commonred
  5. PRO TIP: Check out Brian Carroll on his site

You know what? I think this internet thing is going to be huge. The fact that I can go in and find an expert that has best-of-breed tools in resources for online successful enterprise selling is amazing. The ones that I think are amazing that I use are InsideView which is connected to Salesforce which connects Facebook and LinkedIn and others and gives me an understanding of what’s going on in the company and how I can understand what their needs are.

Constant contact has an amazing competitive analysis of campaigns vertically focused so you can see what’s successful and what’s not against your target audience.

MarketingSherpa, I look to the higher powers and thank you so much for dumbing down that Science and Art are truly living in your customer’s shoes. MarketingSherpa is a marketer’s manifesto. It’s so coolly laid-out and so actionable. I just love it.

Social CRM tools have just come on vogue. ConnectedHQ, Nimble, Mingly, Commonred that connects your social networks and finds desperate pieces of information and knowledge that enables you to focus which your client needs are critical.

And then enterprise selling, there isn’t anyone that is paramount in this world more than Brian Carroll. He has a blog called Starts With A Lead and A/B testing on your clients and you’ll be successful.

I grade anyone I work with by how resourceful they are. Don’t make up stuff. It’s all out there. Just still organize, structure and deliver against the successes that other people have already proved before you.