Guide to Successful Enterprise Selling - The 10 Nevers

Tony Greenberg, CEO of RampRate ( and DeepStrat ( presents a guide to successful enterprise selling. In this video he outlines the 10 things you should never do when trying to sell your business.

  1. Never contact a client before doing adequate research
  2. Be sure to prepare a market-based compliment or strategy
  3. Avoid proceeding without a legitimate recommendation
  4. Never be less valuable to a client than they are to you
  5. Only contact someone if they can benefit from you
  6. Refrain from continually repeating the same thing again & again
  7. Never make assumptions regarding the status of a sale
  8. Don't miss a chance to meet face-to-face
  9. Never let the client finish a call before you do
  10. Never finish a client contact without clear action steps

Selling is not getting to buy things that they don’t want. It’s understanding their needs and how you manage a sale is critical and developing the relationships, there’s a lot of nevers so I came up with the 10 nevers for successful enterprise selling.

One, don’t contact a client without knowing their competitors, their available press releases and all their corporate information at which point in time, you understand their partners and alliances, where they’re headquartered and how many people work there – really deeply understanding the client before you engage.

Think out a market-based compliment to show what they’re doing right and their competitors are doing wrong or vice versa to enable them to understand how your product and service is powerful to them.

Be recommended by a peer or a client. Cold calls don’t make sales. People make sales. Don’t ever be less valuable to the person you’re calling than he is to you.

Don’t contact them for any reason unless it’s to benefit them. Think about things from the customer’s perspective not yours.

Don’t ever do the same thing over and over and over again – 15 e-mails, when are you going to sign, when are you going to move forward. People’s days are important. Respect them. Call them. Bring value to them with every client touch that you give them in every single way.

The next one is never assume a sale is lost or gained not even when it’s closed. Selling is about delivering and managing expectations and providing value.

Don’t ever miss an opportunity for face time. I’ve flown thousands of miles to spend 10 minutes with someone to get to know them. People buy from people, not from companies.

Realize that your time is as important as theirs. Don’t drag a phone call out. It’s okay for you to finish a phone call, not them. Never finish a client contact without action steps before and after every second.

In all my years of building companies and enabling decisions for customers, what lost the sale are the mistakes I made and the things that I did as opposed to the things that I didn’t do.