Human Resources

How to Maximize Team Efficiency

Tony Greenberg, CEO of RampRate ( and DeepStrat ( ) describes how to maximize team efficiency. When working with a team of people, it is crucial to maintain both transparency and accountability.

  1. Transparency- being open with the team about all projects
  2. Accountability- honoring what you say to those you work with
  3. Interdependency- demonstrating your responsibility as it relates to everyone else’s

In building companies, it’s building teams that deliver projects and projects are what makes us hit our milestones and our goals so I look at team efficiency through transparency, accountability and interdependency.

In transparency, you’re allowing teams to know what you’re working on, what’s on their plate and when it’s due. I use web apps like Basecamp, WORKEtc and to manage these functions.

Accountability is honoring what you say to the people you work with. Building against the consensus goal and project goals is critical to enable the pass off.

Interdependency is showing your individual responsibility as it relates to everyone else who’s on the project. It’s basically a relay race which is accepting a (bit ton) and knowing what the checkpoints are. So all in all, team efficiency is driven through honoring what we deliver to each other.