How to Create Great Company Culture

Rich Raddon, Co-Founder of MovieClips ( talks about company culture. Follows these steps to build a supportive and fun atmosphere at your company, and retain great employees.

  1. Hire wisely when you first start to grow your company
  2. Ensure ever employee is aware of the company's mission & vision
  3. Openly & clearly state the core values of the company
  4. Publicly reward & acknowledge deserving employees
  5. Fire any problem employees quickly

I founded movie clips with my partner Zach James two years ago and we’ve grown so rapidly that we really realized how important company culture is to the success of the business. And so, I think, company culture for me boils down to 5 points.

The first point is, especially in the beginning, you want to hire wisely. You want to hire individuals that are smart, that are motivated, that are innovative, that think outside of the box, but really have an integrity and also, are committed to kind of going that extra mile and have a good attitude and that’s very important because they set the stage for everybody else that gets hired after them.

Secondly, it’s really important that you communicate the company’s mission and vision to everyone in the company and they should almost be able to pair it back to you because people would like to know when they wake up in the morning why they’re going to work, why they’re working as a team, what goals are they trying to accomplish? And that should be embodied in the mission and the vision of the company.

And then, I love also, the third point is to communicate the core values of the company. And I think people have a tendency to look over company values and core values. And core values really are the infrastructure, are what fuel and drive the mission and the vision of the company.

So, important that everybody at that company really knows - what are the values of the company, what do you stand for, how do you do work?

The fourth thing is, I think you really need to – I personally believe in rewarding publicly, the best and the brightest of your employees because that gives the other employees an understanding as to what the standard should be, what they should be striving for.

And then, lastly, when you have an employee where it’s not working out – or employees, you need to fire quickly because attitude is contagious. And one bad apple can spoil a bushel and it really is true. And so, I really feel like these sorts of five tenants can help you stir a company to have a really strong and positive company culture.