App vs Wap- Native Apps Compared to Mobile Optimized Websites

Shuki Lehavi, Founder and CEO of Gumiyo (, talks about the difference of App vs Wap. Which one is more beneficial for you?

  1. Apps are more functional but much more expensive
  2. Mobile sites are an inexpensive way to accurately display your site
  3. Budget and purpose factor into which mobile option is best for your business
  4. Creat a unique experience for your user to interact with

With more devices coming to play, there’s a great confusion between apps which are installed applications on your phone much like the applications on your desktop and mobile sites which are optimized version of your website that fit and work on every mobile device so let’s try to clarify a little bit what’s included and not included.

Apps pack a lot of functionality but they’re much more costly. They allow you to build and access elements on the phone such as the camera, the address book and if you wanted to create an application that interacts with these elements from your customers or even from your sales team and bring it back to your business flow.

Mobile optimized sites offer a great way to display your business pretty much on every device at a much lower cost. For both of these things and when considering whether you’re going to go the deep route which is the app or the shallow route which is the mobile sites, you need to consider your budget and the purpose. What are you trying to create on mobile? What type of experience? What type of information, how you’re trying to exchange with your consumers on mobile?

My last recommendation is that whatever you choose, whether it’s to go with web, app or both in any way, I encourage every business to get very creative – to create an experience there that the user would want to interact with and keep on their mobile device. We are all competing against the top 10 applications that the users are using and you want to be there in a prominent spot and deliver a real value and be a useful application that the user use on a daily basis.