Choosing the Right Mobile Vendor for Your Business

Shuki Lehavi, Founder and CEO of Gumiyo (, gives tips on choosing a mobile vendor that fits perfectly for your business.

  1. Your industry will influence which vendor type to choose
  2. Determine how much you will build compared to buy
  3. Find the best technology to reach your audience
  4. Compare price differences and check references

Choosing the right mobile vendor for you and for your business has to do with two things.

One is the particular vertical that your business is in. Are you an automotive, real estate, retailer or any other vertical? You might find in different verticals, providers of point solutions. They might not focus on mobile as a generic technology but they might solve small pain point in your particular vertical. I need a QR. I want to turn my flyer into a mobile brochure and so on.

One of the first decisions you have to make is how much you’re going to build versus how much you’re going to buy. Certain businesses have an IT department or even developers on (stack) that might be able to build certain elements in your entire mobile roadmap.

Other businesses will just prefer to buy ready made solutions. I think when you are interviewing or making the decision about your mobile vendor, you have to break in down to the technologies that you wish to employ.

Technologies such as SMS that can reach each and every mobile device out there but with a very simplified experience, a mobile website that allows every consumer from every mobile device to see your website in an optimized way all the way to an app that allows certain consumers or certain mobile devices to interact in a very deep way with your businesses.

But you have to define the right – find the right technology that will help you best target your audience and create that experience that you look. Later on, once you do that and once you’ve decided, how much you’re going to build versus buy, you can go ahead and compare the costs that are associated and I have to recommend checking references.

Your mobile vendor is one that you are going to build a long lasting relationship. It’s – whether you’re buying a solution or developing a solution with your mobile vendor, you’re going to go through sometimes multiple months of working together to refine and define the best way to interact with your consumers and you have to feel very comfortable with the right mobile vendor.