Developing Mobile Strategy for Business

Shuki Lehavi, Founder and CEO of Gumiyo (, talks about developing mobile strategy for your business.

  1. Design for your intended audience, not a specific device
  2. Develop new ways to expand your business into mobile
  3. Create a phased plan you can easily implement

Powering over 150,000 solutions for small and mid-sized businesses, we have a pretty interesting vantage point of what works and what doesn’t work and when we talk about setting up a mobile strategy for a business, we often consider everything as a game plan for taking your business and getting it into mobile and getting in in front of consumers on all kinds of devices.

So maybe the first consideration is to design a plan that might suit your audience and less the devices. We often hear about this new coming device, an iPhone, or an Android device and we want to get ourselves to the device but we don’t spend enough time thinking how will my business interact with the users on that particular device?

When you think about your audience, think about the hours in the day that they use different devices. We all use a mobile device first thing in the morning and then maybe a computer and late at night, we might use a tablet – the same exact consumer.

By focusing on your audience and on the experience of your audience, you will create a better mobile strategy for your business rather than just picking several devices.

I think the next consideration is how to expand your business into mobile, how to get consumers that are otherwise interacting with your business differently and how to get them to do some stuff with you on mobile? Reserve tickets, buy certain things, schedule appointments – all of these actions can be done on a mobile device today and by carefully planning your mobile strategy, you can get to the point where these actions will be done on mobile devices by your consumers throughout the day from wherever they are.

Mobile is a very large field and I think the third consideration should be given towards a phased plan. Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 and iterating your way to glory as you’re getting there to put your mobile strategy in place. Think about what’s most important first and how you are going to create these milestones that will help you slowly or quickly get towards every device and a proper interaction with every – each and every one of your consumers.