Going Mobile Why and How

Shuki Lehavi, Founder and CEO of Gumiyo (www.gumiyo.com), discusses how and why to go mobile for your business.

  1. Mobile is the next opportunity to constantly reach your audience
  2. Ensure you have clearly defined business goals
  3. Identify and build the components that will help communication with the consumer
  4. Continually adjust the mobile program to remain current

So with over 262 million US mobile subscribers, many businesses and brands out there seek to interact with these users and they come to us or to many other vendors to ask why should I interact with these users and most importantly, how.

I think mobile presents that next opportunity to create a very interesting bound between you and your customers and it can be done anytime and anywhere.

Consumers today carry mobile devices with them as they drive, as they travel around, as they do the research and as they’re trying to interact with you and your brand. So I guess the most important thing to start from is to clearly define the business goals. What are you going to do in mobile and sometimes, what are you going to do in mobile differently than your competitors? What parts of your business are you trying to push towards mobile and what part of your current business do you think are best played using the mobile device or in an environment that includes a mobile device?

Once you do that, I think the next step in your way to going mobile is to clearly identify and develop those components. Those components that will help you communicate and reach and engage these consumers anytime and anywhere.

Components may include applications. They may include a mobile-optimized site or a portion of your site that will be targeted towards mobile consumers and they may include other technologies that help you reach and engage your consumers on these additional devices.

Last but not least, don’t forget to measure and adjust the efficiency of your mobile program. How well are you communicating with these users? What parts of your mobile components are they using more or less? What part of them requires refinement? And create some sort of a culture in the organization for continuous improvement. This is a brand new device, these are new consumers and new ways to interact with your consumers and you should be very open to the way you’re about to do so.