Keys to Marketing- Secrets to Successful e-Commerce

John Tomich, Co-founder & CEO of Onestop Internet (, gives the keys to successful marketing. Use John's secrets to help your product's marketability and get your product out there.

  1. Effective customer acquisition is critical to a successful online presence
  2. Useful data will greatly benefit your marketing ability
  3. Sharing data among marketing silos will increase your ROI

In our business as an e-commerce services provider, the one area that we focus the most on, that we’re spending the most money on for technology tools and building out staff is far and away marketing services, acquiring customers online. There’s obviously – as we all know, there’s a huge retail rush to go online.

Online sales are growing faster than brick-and-mortar sales and companies are doing everything they can to maximize their presence online. So, it means that it’s even more competitive now than it was five years ago for example to acquire customers. So, you have to be that much more efficient.

And one of the ways in which companies are not efficient, in our experience is that they have different groups managing different aspects in the marketing campaign. So, they might have one group doing their search campaign. They might have another group managing their affiliate relationships. Somebody else might be doing display advertising and they are not effectively sharing data.

So, really, data is the key to successful online marketing. So, the more data you have, whether it’s clickstream data of what the customer is doing before they actually come to the site or whether it’s the data of what they do when they come to the site – the way you use that data and especially, as a reference earlier, the ROI attribution among different marketing channels.

If you can share that data in a really – in an effective way, you can increase the ROI on your marketing span. And at the end of the day, that’s the benchmark that I think is most effective. For every dollar you spend on a third party online marketing, how much are you getting back in sales, and using data to drive efficiencies in that ROI in the media spend is really important.

You cannot spend too little time or energy thinking about marketing and building out a team and spending money to drive customer acquisition online. It is the most important thing you will do in the e-commerce world and building your brand online.