Keys to Technology- Secrets to Successful e-Commerce 2.0

John Tomich, Co-founder & CEO of Onestop Internet (, discusses the keys to technology. Having the right technologies at your company will provide greater work flow and gains.

  1. A SaaS platform can benefit rapidly evolving technologies
  2. Effective admin forms are essential for business users
  3. Tightly integrating online marketing will yield greater gains

Think about the shopping cart software. I call it shopping cart software to simplify it. But it’s essentially the e-Commerce engine, the guts, the software that powers everything. This about that as the engine of the car and that creative user interface experience is the body and the engine is the e-Commerce platform.

This is one of the things that you need to pay particularly close attention too obviously. Technology is evolving dramatically, it’s the internet. And so an e-Commerce platform if you buy it one year can be outdated a few years later.

So one of the things that I recommend is, if you’re going to go with an outside vendor to use a SaaS platform which is subscription-based e-Commerce architecture, in that way, updates can be done on a dynamic basis and you’re running out the software. You don’t want to build that out yourself in the house typically.

The cost associated with building with staffing and running a development team to do that can be daunting, if not done effectively. So look for a SaaS platform—