Keys to Product Photography- Fundamentals of e-Commerce 1.0

John Tomich, Co-founder & CEO of Onestop Internet (, discusses the keys to product photography. Make sure you follow these tips so your product is viewed correctly.

  1. Models can help reduce time and cost of a product shoot
  2. Effective photo manipulation can take as much time as the shoot
  3. Advanced technologies can help increase conversions

Photography is another really important category, very visual if you are selling something online and it is non-travel, non-ticketing. You need to actually photograph it in a studio. Often times, with models sometimes it is flat.

Models actually, if you use the right models you can actually save money and that is actually in our experience we found using the right model who knows what they are doing, you could turn it over very, very quickly.

Shooting flat and positioning at the right way with the right wrinkles and color correcting adjusted perfectly with the shadowing can take up a lot of time. And remember, in our experience half of your time is actually doing the shoot with the model or on the stage. The other half is actually color correcting. So you are going to spend at least you know fifty percent of the time within Photoshop making sure that the color of the garment if you are selling clothing actually matches the color as much as you can as different resolutions on different browsers. You do not know what the customer is going to be experiencing. But you want to get that color as close to the photograph as possible because the higher -- the more disconnected that is, the more the color does not look like the actual color, the higher the potential return rates so having effective product photography can actually decrease product return rates.

Additionally, there is a lot of great new technologies on the market. For example, for eyewear, having a model actually have the glasses on their head and then shooting a 360 degree view, you can see from different perspectives how the glasses are going to fit.

Additionally, there is a lot of new technologies with the webcam that people have in their laptops so they can take a picture -- for instance if you are selling watches and you could see the watch on their wrist and try on different products.

Pay attention to photography. Do not neglect it. Spend the time doing effective color correction. And it will decrease your return rates and results in a better experience for the customer.