Keys to Customer Care- Fundamentals of e-Commerce 1.0

  1. John Tomich, Co-founder & CEO of Onestop Internet (, discusses the keys to customer care. Taking care of your customers is the one the most important aspects of the business.

80% of calls answered in 30 seconds, abandonment rate <5%

Reach the industry standard for SLAs to be competitive

Ensure you have the highest quality customer care possible

Effective use of customer care resources can reduce on-phone time

Take advantage of outsourcing help to build a larger team

Customer service is a critical part of the success of an E-Commerce channel. It’s a very SLA-driven. Industry standard metrics are things like 80% of the calls need to be answered within 30 seconds with the live operator. Another SLA service level agreement would be the abandonment rate needs to be less than 5%.

So there’s sort of two aspects to customer service. One is you need to hit those industry standard SLA benchmark to even be in the game.

The other is the quality. So you want to be able to answer the phones effectively but you also want to have reps that are trained on the effective presentation of the brand. And so there’s sort of two areas that I think business owners need to focus on.

Additionally, effectively using e-mail and chat can significantly decrease the calls per order metric which means the amount of time that your customer service reps are actually on the phone.

And if you want to – the challenge that customer service offering an effective customer service solution is, in order to hit those industry benchmark SLA’s the 80, 30 SLA, you need to have a lot of people on staff. And so outsourcing customer service can be an important way to build up a team quickly or have all those hours covered, weekend hours, nighttime hours and so forth.

So customer service is critical. People need to be able to represent the brand. You need to be able to use technology, e-mail and chat to decrease the time that reps are actually spending on the phone.