Keys to Fulfilment- Fundamentals of e-Commerce 1.0

John Tomich, Co-founder & CEO of Onestop Internet (, discusses the Keys to fulfilment- Fundamentals of e-commerce. Learn these fundamentals to optimize your customer's shopping experience.

  1. Fulfilment center & designated e-commerce platform must integrate
  2. Customized packaging enhances shopping experience and marketing

One of the basic fundamentals of the six categories is fulfillment. It’s been around for 15 years. It hasn’t evolved or innovated significantly. But it’s a critical part of the success with E-Commerce channel.

Some of the basic boxes that you need to check off – one, the warehouse management system software or whatever type of technology runs your fulfillment center. It needs to integrate with the shopping cart platform so you don’t make basic mistakes like put stuff for sale on the website that is not in stock in the warehouse can be lead to all sorts of problems.

Additionally, another thing that – if you’re selling branded product, having a custom retail packaging experience inside the box can really set you apart. Things like custom tissue paper, embossed foil seals, ribbons.

In addition, using some of that real estate instead of just having a standard type invoice, you can put inserts into the box and you can market to the customer. And you could actually segment your database so you could market to different geographic sections of your customer audience.

So if you want to have one message going to the people in Southern California versus the Tri-state Area around New York City, you can segment the database and put different inserts in the box.

So fulfillment is a critical part of E-Commerce and starting there doing it successfully will greatly increase the chances that the entire channel is going to be a success.