Kindle vs iPad- Developer Considerations

Chris Hawkins, Founder & CEO of SignNow ( ), discusses the developer considerations of the Kindle vs iPad.

  1. Kindle: the 7 inch form factor allows for imitation of the phone flow
  2. ipad: the larger format requires a complete redesign from iPhone
  3. Amazon apps are easier to submit and release (2 days)
  4. apple apps are more stringent with release requirements (2 weeks)

There are some subtle differences between the Kindle and the iPad to really play out.

The Kindle 7 in form factor really allows you to copy the sort of natural flow that you might have on a regular Android phone. It’s small enough that you can really do that. If you have sort of a limited screen, it doesn’t look too awkward, it’s easy to type on, things like that.

With the iPad, because it’s such a larger screen though, you’ve really got to redesign your apps entirely from scratch to do it really right. Typing is harder but just -- if you have like a singular focus on the page, it can often look awkward because there’s just – there’s so much space.

With Amazon, we’re seeing with the App Store, we’re able to see that it’s easy to submit. We get things through relatively quickly within a couple of days versus Apple which has a much more stringent process and I always think you should budget at least 2 weeks.

At the end of the day, the Kindle and the iPad are pretty different. The Kindle is a great smaller device, lower resolution, you know, less design focus but it’s very easy to submit to the App Store and release. The iPad though is much larger. You need to have a much higher bar for design and it really take the time and effort to completely redesign from scratch.