Android App SEO Tips

Chris Hawkins, Founder & CEO of SignNow (, gives great SEO tips for Android applications. Use these tips so more people find your app.

  1. Include the most important keywords in the app title
  2. Create inbound links to your market page
  3. Achieve the "1000 downloads" status as quickly as possible

So we just released an app. So we’re still learning SEO and I think everybody is still learning SEO. But some tips that we have picked up along the way is really a couple of things.

Starting with using keywords in the title, think very explicit keywords that you think is the number reason that someone would look for your app, put that in the title of the app if you can. So your company name or your app name – keyword.

Second thing is this is something that we’re still trying to understand. But we think inbound links to your market page. If they’re not helping boost you in the ranking now, they will later because Google controls a lot of these things. And if they’re not doing it this way right now, they’re very likely to do it in the future.

So make sure when you put out content onto the web, make those inbound links go back to your market place. That way, you’ll get some links to choose out of it.

Finally I think work quickly to get to the first thousand downloads. This probably -- I’m sure this has an SEO effect. But it definitely has a user comfort with your app because on Android, you can see the number of people that have downloaded the app at least within certain batches.

I’m getting to that first thousand. Now, it gets – next year the app name that you have a thousand plus downloads and that makes it dramatic difference on people’s comfort level with actually using the app.

So the Android App Market Place is very, very new. SEO has to come a long way. But really focusing on a couple of few things and how people will be searching for your app. It can make a difference helping you to be discovered.