Developing for Android- Pitfalls to be Avoided

Chris Hawkins, Founder & CEO of SignNow (, discusses the pitfalls to avoid in Android Development. Watch out for these easily made mistakes!

  1. Be wary of fragmentation- custom software variants co-existing with the original
  2. Depending on "menu" & "back" buttons to enhance the app
  3. Develop your app for a wide range of devices

Yeah. I think there’s a lot of things that can trip you up in dealing with Android and these definitely changed over time to – since the progression of the OS but the first one is fragmentation.

You’re going to encounter a lot of fragmentation issues. Whenever you’re trying to develop for a variety of devices, they’re not going to look quite the same on everyone. And that’s just going to lead you to problems. So, you’re just going to run into issues. You're going to have to try to resolve them the best you can but you’re probably never going to be perfect.

The next thing is really – this has been a particularly recent change but don’t rely on using the Menu and Back buttons which are sort of hard coded in the Android device. What you’re really going to need to do is make sure that you have – you can leverage those but use the screen itself so that way, you can present users with the same set of options without having to go through those menus.

And then, finally, try to make sure that you build it in such a way that is relatively flexible and can fit a wide variety of screen sizes and types. You’d be surprised about the tiniest Android device, what things to look at it versus the largest one and everything in between, very difficult.

So, Android is really, really tricky to develop on. So, you’re really going to have to take care to mitigate the risks around all the different devices and fragmentation that you’ll experience on the platform.