Developing for Android- 3 Pro Tips

Chris Hawkins, Founder & CEO of SignNow (, gives 3 pro tips for Android development. Google's Android OS is among the leading mobile software operating systems including Apple's Iphone IOS.

  1. Utilize the standard and well-known elements
  2. Diligently test your product
  3. Focus on design to design to standout in the marketplace

We just released the Android app, so I think we’re just coming out of this experience of learning how to develop an Android and yeah, I do have some tips.

The first one that we made mistakes early were trying to go and make –custom elements and buttons and things like that in an Android because they’re so different. I’d recommend you sticking to the standard native Android buttons and elements throughout the pages just to avoid complication there.

Second you're going to really need to be rigorous in your testing. You know, if you can afford it, definitely get sort of a testing platform where you can test almost in different devices, buy different devices, where you can do because fragmentation is such an issue today. You’re going to run into problems if you don’t do it.

And then finally, design is becoming more important in the Android marketplace. Traditionally, it has been less of a concern and less important but if you really want to standout, excelling at design is a good way to be competitive and it’s becoming more and more the norm since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest Android built.

So, in summary, you’re going to deal with lot of fragmentation issues but you’re going to really have to strive to standout because Android market is getting very competitive.