Secrets to Effective Recruiting

Chris Hawkins, Founder & CEO of SignNow (, gives four great secrets to effective recruiting. Making sure you have the right staff at your start-up is a necessity!

  1. Diligently choose potential candidates
  2. develop a clear and easily understood vision
  3. Be honest about your strengths and your weaknesses
  4. Hire fast if you can fire fast

There’s some good strategies and secrets to being an effective recruiter and a CEO that’s what your main job is.

The first one is just realizing that you have to be very selective. Good talent is worth the search. But generally, you are going to be looking for a needle in a haystack. There’s just very few good people out there so go and seek out those people with that mindset. You should know that they’re very rare to find.

Second thing, be able to clearly articulate your vision, you’re going to have to be able to convince people to join with just likely a really early stage company. They’re only going to be able to join you if they really believe in the vision too as much as you would try to convince an investor or anyone else. You’re going to have to be able to convince your employees.

Be honest about how good you are. If you realized that you are really bad at something, go ahead and try to fix it and make sure you recruit around where you’re weakest.

Finally, I would say hire fast if you can fire fast. Everybody says you need to fire fast. You can hire slowly if the market opportunity is in such that you can afford to be slow. But if you make that mistake, you’re still going to have to fire fast.

So in summary, most important thing is to just make sure you’d really be selective and make sure you can appeal to someone that is – has many other options.

If you have a great vision and great team, you’re going to be fine in there as a startup. So focus a lot of your time and attention on building a great team. Be very, very selective and aggressive about it and you’ll be fine.