Leveraging Celebrities to Build Your Brand

Brent Weinstein, Head of Digital Media at United Talent Agency (unitedtalent.com), explains how a celebrity can build your brand. Endorsements by a celebrity can be very pricey but in the long run will return successful results.

  1. Choose a celebrity whose qualities are consistent with your brand's
  2. Look for an individual who your audience can relate to

I work at United Talent Agency. I run digital media. And I’m charged with advising thousands of clients on their digital media strategy. And as part of that, we get approached by lots of companies who are interested in working with our clients. So, the notion of how to work with celebrities is something that comes up quite frequently.

I think that really, there’s two key things to focus on if you are a company looking to work with a celebrity. The first is find an appropriate representative for your brand – somebody whose personal attributes and professional attributes align with the attributes of your brand and your messaging.

And the second is someone who you believe resonates with your audience, the people that you’re trying to reach, the consumers for your product or service.

If you find somebody who is a strong representative for your brand and if you find someone who can resonate with the audience and if you can make the right deal, then it can be a fantastic partnership that can lead to substantial growth.