Mobile Platforms for Iphone, Blackberry, Android and others

Michael Schneider, CEO of Mobile Roadie (, discusses the influential platforms of mobile apps. Find out which ones rule the mobile app industry.

  1. Major platforms....
  2. Currently Iphone and Android rule the market
  3. Demographics

There‘s a lot of mobile app platforms out there. And actually there’s a lot more mobile phones out there that aren’t even Smartphones yet. So when you take into account that there’s now more phones than people in the world, only a small percentage of those are actually Smartphones.

Of the Smartphones, the big ones are Nokia which is Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone and Android. Windows Mobile is sort of up and coming, we’ll see what happens and Palm is going away.

Of those platforms that I just mentioned, the two that we believe matter and the only two are iPhone and Android. Those are the two that are giving consumers app experiences that actually matter. The hardware is powerful enough to have a beautiful app experience. The screen sizes are big enough. There’s enough adoption by manufacturers to have a wide variety of devices.

And so when you’re going to build your app or your mobile presence, those are the two that you really should be building for.

Something else to consider with mobile app platforms is demographics. For example – iPhone skews a little bit more female – Android skews a little bit more male. So in our system if it’s a sports app, we see more Android devices than iPhone and if it’s a content-based app – it’s usually more iPhone than Android.

So that is something to consider depending on what your demographic is whether you should go to iPhone or Android first. We do recommend though given the dominance of both of those platforms that you try to build both for your business.

We believe that any other Smartphone today is simply playing catch up, and then those are going to be the two dominant platforms for the foreseeable future.