Fundamentals to Marketing in the Digital Age

Jenna Hannon, a marketing advisor for Treasure Data ( & MirrorMe (, elaborates on the fundamentals of digital age marketing. The new style of marketing will reach out to more demographics on a larger scale.

  1. Make it a conversation
  2. It is no longer about repetition
  3. Create a cult
  4. Don't take early adopters for granted
  5. Keep the conversation going
  6. Keep it simple

So marketing in the digital age is almost completely different because platforms are different. Budgets are going to be completely different and the way we send our message out is completely new.

So there are simple fundamentals you can do to make sure that you’re effectively marketing in this new age.

So number one, you definitely want to make sure that it’s not about interruption. So you’re talking to your customers. It’s a conversation. It’s no longer just a message.

You also want to make sure that it’s no longer just repetition. So in a conversation, you’re not just blurting out a message constantly. You are really embracing what someone is saying and continuing your conversation.

As well also in a digital age, you really want to create a cult. So you want to create kind of a culture of what our brand is about. What does it feel like? What are the people who work here? Who are they? What are they interested in? So it’s really important when you building a company and when you’re building a brand

Also you really want to embrace those early adopters because in the digital age, those are going to be the people who share. Those are going to be people who talk about you. So they’re you’re influencers. They’re really, really important to building your brand.

As well you always want to keep that conversation going. So whether it’s within the cult, within your brand, whether it’s with your customers, you always want to make sure that there is one solid back and forth conversation. It’s no longer just about talking at somebody.

And lastly you really want to keep it simple. So you want to make sure this is what we’re talking about. This is what the brand is about. This is what we feel like within the culture and outside of the culture. So that is going to be something that as soon as someone interacts with your brand with your company, it always feels the same.

So these are kind of the fundamentals of digital marketing which is a little bit than traditional. But I found these definitely very helpful in the way that we market today.