Marketing on a Budget

Jenna Hannon, a marketing advisor for Treasure Data ( & MirrorMe (, discusses the key to marketing on a tight budget. Traditional marketing isn't always the best way to get your product out there.

  1. Create a budgeting plan similar to a start-up
  2. Start off being frugal, regardless of budget size
  3. Create virality from the start

When you’re thinking about marketing, the first thing you think about is budget and budget can be very scary. But you always want to think about marketing like a startup. So, be scrappy. Start small. Start with communicating with just one person. Get out the door. Talk to your original customers. Talk to them face-to-face. Use social media.

So, these are kind of the small things you can use to build up. You want to be very, very frugal when you start, so don’t start thinking about traditional marketing and all the big uses of advertising that are really expensive.

I mean, they do have a big impact and they do create critical mass but you do need to get to that point so think of all the creative ways. Think outside of the box. Be viral. Be easy to share.

If you tell someone about your product and you tell them with passion and conviction, it’s easy for them to translate that to others. And that kind of creates a snowball effect.

In the Digital Age, there are so many free affordable options to do great marketing. So, hopefully, these tips will help you to do that. And it’s totally okay to be cheap.