3 Tips for Choosing a Partner or Co-Founder

Josh Hartwell, CEO of MobileDeluxe, goes into detail about choosing the right partner or Co-founder of your company. Josh gives three tips to successfully do-so.

  1. Find someone whose skill set compliments your own
  2. Look for an individual with existing background in the industry
  3. Make sure they share the same level of passion and dedication as you

Finding a partner or a co-founder can be one of the biggest decisions that you make when you’re making that leap to start your own company. Sure you can do things all by yourself and try to launch your company that way. But a lot of the time you’ll find it far easier to bring a co-founder on board.

So these are three tips that I found to be very helpful in choosing a partner or co-founder.

First, you want to find someone that has complimentary skills to you but then is also multitalented. You’re both going to have to wear a lot of hats right out of the gate. And you want to make sure that you have strengths in a lot of areas between the two of you.

Second, try to find someone that has previous management experience or startup experiences even better. Startups are different beast than working in a large company and someone that’s been through those rigors will be on great footing when starting your own company.

Third, you have to find someone that has an equal commitment level to you in financial, time and responsibility terms. This is really key when you’re starting out to be on the same page when you’re talking about time, when you’re talking about responsibility for different areas of the company. You can’t have someone that’s only giving a partial commitment while the other partner is giving a fuller commitment.

What I found is that it’s very beneficial to bring on a partner or co-founder early on in starting your company. And if you follow these three tips, I think you’d be very successful.