4 Ways to Generate Candidates for Your Job

Ian Siegel, Founder & CEO of ZipRecruiter (www.ziprecruiter.com) reviews how to find job candidates. These tips will help you pull in a higher volume and quality of applicants.

  1. Place your ad on numerous job boards
  2. List available positions on your company's website
  3. Utilize current employees for referrals
  4. Take advantage of professional recruiters

Many companies have asked us how I should advertise my jobs. And really there are four avenues that every company should be taking advantage of.

Of course, the first avenue is posting to job boards. A lot of people have question whether job boards are decreasing in value. And the reality is there are a lot more candidates applying through job boards than ever before. But there are also tools you can use to help you vet the processing of those candidates.

The second thing every company should do is include a link to your open jobs on your website. A lot of companies failed to do the step. And you don’t realize how many people are checking out your business and would potentially be interested in coming to work with you.

The third thing is incentivizing your employees to refer members of their own personal networks. There’s nothing better than an employee referral. Not only is that likely to be a better qualified candidate, but it’s also likely to improve the overall morale of your organization when you bring somebody in that people already know.

And finally, don’t be afraid of recruiters. Recruiters are while in many cases being the most expensive option you can use to find qualified talent. There are certain highly specialized skill roles for more senior level positions where really the best candidates are going to be the ones you social engineer your way to. And the only one who has the time to do that and potentially the connections is a professional recruiter.

If you follow these four guidelines, I am sure that you will see an increase of candidate flow and you’re likely going to fill your open roles a lot faster.