5 Easy Ways to be More Helpful for Your Customers

Rex Hammock is Founder of SmallBusiness.com, here he points out five easy ways to be more helpful to your customers. These five tips will help make your customer experience pleasant and easy.

  1. Experience your product like a customer
  2. Use common language on your site
  3. Update manuals & instructions for simplicity
  4. Incorporate How To's instead of basic Q&A's or FAQ's
  5. Take customer comments into consideration & make changes as needed

There are so many different ways that we can be more helpful to our customers, but here are 5 easy ways to get started. The first is, what I always say, think like a customer or user. First thing you should do is look at the materials that you make a website that you have,the way you present things and think fit yourself in a customer’s shoes and is that helpful to you? That will open your eyes to a lot of opportunities.

Second thing is to remove the jargon from your website. I’d say remove it from all of the materials you have. But, it amazes me that sometimes we come up with internal office ways to describe something and those words become sort of a part of our vocabulary, and we put them in the website thinking that the customers are going to understand what we are saying.

Read to your website and make sure you remove all of those things. It may be in-house or even in-industry kind of buzz words, and replaced those with words that your customers will understand.

I also want you to take a look at if you have the user manuals or instructions. Cost—we’ve spent so much money on those ads and brochures before we sell something to the customer. But, then we give them this little black and white you know, very— looks like it was written in another language and translated to English or something but those—that’s where your first impression of the product or service is going to be with those instructions so write those. Spend some time making sure that you have good well-written helpful instructions.

Another way is to replace Q & A with How To’s. Now what I mean by that is if you look at a lot of websites or even user manuals you will see a series of question-answer, question-answer. What I think is more helpful is a tutorial approach or of using a video how-to’s on your website. Or helpful — this is like a recipe. Almost would be in a cook book, but how to do things with the product or service that you are offering.

And then another thing is to not dismiss those questions from customers or even the complaints from customers that you might get especially if they recur.

If they ask you about something that you think is very easy to find on a website, take that not as something that you need to defend, but as something that you need to learn from and say “Gee, if I were a customer looking for that what can I do to make that easy to find?”

So while there is literally hundreds of ways you probably can improve the helpfulness that your company provides its customers, there are 5 ways to begin -- simple ways, things that we do all day, and things that we can start improving right away.