Teaching Your Customers to become Brand Advocates

Rex Hammock is Founder of SmallBusiness.com, during this video he talks about teaching your customers to become brand advocates. This information will help business owners have their customers become advertisers of their brand.

  1. Train your customers on your product for better engagement
  2. A well-informed customer will be more loyal to your business
  3. Help your customers accomplish their goals & desires
  • Informed customers will make your brand their own

To be a helpful company, you really have to think more than just selling products and services.

I’m not a very good cook but I have been into William Sonoma a time or two. And I always admire the way they don’t just sell pots and pans. They really teach their customers how to cook and how to be a better cook so they offer cooking courses and they offer cookbooks. To me, that’s the way to be a great, helpful company by teaching or training your customers to be better at what it is that they came into your store for.

Smarter customers become better customers the more they learn about how you use your product or about how to accomplish what they want to accomplish. By using your product, the more they’re going to appreciate the new launch of your product, you know, understanding why your product is better than the other people.

So teaching customers is just as important as selling to customers. You have to really show them how to be better at what they want to be better at so that they will place more value on the products and services that you sell. And frankly, they’ll place more value on what you sell than with the other guy who is just selling pots and pans is doing.

Really, a great line I heard from someone else, I wish I could claim it for myself, but help your customers to be good at what they want to be good at, a little bit grammatically incorrect but just think about that. Your customers don’t come in and buy a product or service. They’re coming in because they are passionate about something. They want to succeed at something. Help them be good at that.

And part of that is probably going to be teaching or training or doing other things that are going to help educate them on how to be better.

So think about the ways that you cannot just sell things to customers but that you can help teach them and train them to be better users of that product or service so that you’ll have a long time relationship with a customer that gets smarter and smarter every day.