How to get hired by a VC firm

Brian Garrett, co-founder of CrossCut Ventures ( gives tips for being hired by a VC firm. This video will help you find the best VC firm for you, and build the right network and background to get noticed by them.

  1. Pursue firms with interests similar to your own experience
  2. Demonstrate expertise across a variety of markets
  3. Maintain an extensive network of contacts throughout the industry
  4. Build a successful track record as an entrepreneur

I think there are four primary ways to make yourself attractive to a venture capital firm. And if you, you know, if you look at their task, they’re trying to deploy capital in the best deals and they need help figuring out which deals are the best deals and that’s why it’s a tough industry.

So from my point of view, I think the four key ways are one, have a deep domain expertise and operating experience in a market that is of interest to them. So Crosscut invests in primarily Southern California technology companies. We look at commerce and mobile and social and publishing. You know, if we were looking to hire an associate or a venture partner, it would be great for someone to have deep operating experience within those domains.

The second way is to have extremely broad expertise across a lot of markets. And that often comes from being a consultant that works on a lot of interesting projects. Maybe it’s a multiple entrepreneur background where you’ve worked in a couple of different fields, but being broad is also appealing because then, you can be a jack of all trades on behalf of the fund.

And then the third way is a huge roll of decks. If you are the ultimate networker that has built relationships with all of the strategic partners that our portfolio companies want to penetrate, you would be extremely valuable to a venture capital firm by being able to open up that roll of decks and make introductions on behalf of the portfolio company.

And then the last way and the best way, truthfully, is that you should probably go out and raise money from that fund with an idea as an entrepreneur and have a success with it and make them gobs of money. And then they’re more than likely to bring you in as a partner and make you part of it because venture is all about taking care of those that took care of you.

So four primary ways: deep domain expertise, broad set of skills, huge roll of decks and make them some money and they’ll love you forever.