4 common PR mistakes small businesses should avoid

Lolo Siderman, Founder and CEO of Gypsywing Media (http://www.gypsywing.com/) discusses PR mistakes. These blunders occur frequently in the PR field, and this video will help you avoid them in the future.

  1. Believing PR functions separately to the rest of your business
  2. Expecting PR to be fast & easy
  3. Ignoring the power of online press- bloggers & SEO
  4. Failing to take advantage of good press

There are some very common PR mistakes that small businesses make, and these are four that you need to avoid. One is thinking that PR is a standalone aspect of their business when really PR is a part of the whole. It’s a part of your marketing plan. It’s the part of the way you communicate with your customers. It’s not just an area over here that we deal with and try to get some press and then it’s done. It needs to integrate with everything else you are doing and be part of that marketing plan.

Another mistake is thinking that it’s quick and it’s done. Don’t hire PR agency for one month and have that be it. Or think that that’s the most successful way to do it. Even if you’re doing PR on your own it should be an ongoing thing. For example, if you are pitching an idea or a story to a journalist, the first time you put it out there it might not get picked up. The second time it might not. It might be the fifth or sixth time.

I actually have a client right now, who personally was pitching himself to the L.A. Times, and it was the seventh pitch that finally got picked up and his product was listed in the L.A. Times in an article. A fabulous piece of PR but it wasn’t just one approach and then you stand with it. It was consistent.

Another thing is discounting the online press. So bloggers are relevant. That’s an important part of PR now, and thinking that getting listed on a blog is no big deal or not worth of your time is incorrect. Now finding great blogs that you want to be listed in, now that’s worthwhile. So one way you can do that is to look on Technorati for bloggers who are relevant to your industry, and go ahead and approach them. But looking at blogs and online press that’s very relevant it can increase your SEO and it is important and important part of PR now.

And another thing is once you get the press failing to use it in your marketing. That’s a whole point is get that press and then put it out there. Make sure your clients know that you are listed in the Huffington Post or you were listed in the L.A. Times. Have it on the front page of your website. Include it in your bio line, on your e-mail signature. You know, as seen in the New York Times or whatever it might be. People respond to that and that’s the whole point. So putting the effort in and putting the money and the time in to get the press and then failing to use it can be a big problem, too.

So these are four mistakes that we can all avoid if we’re just aware of them when we’re doing PR for small business.