Tips for Working with Difficult Clients

Lolo Siderman, Founder and CEO of Gypsywing Media ( explains how to deal with difficult clients. This video will help you manage expectation and keep your cool with your more stressful clients.

  1. Use a written contract to detail service agreement
  2. Maintain detailed & organized notes
  3. Resist the urge to argue
  4. Be clear about expectations, costs, time, results, etc.

As an entrepreneur and a business owner, at times you may come across a difficult client and obviously that is not an ideal situation but there are some things that you can do to make it easier for you and for them.

For one thing, always have a contract. Even if it starts out very friendly and wonderful and everything is great, have a contract. That makes sure that you and they understand exactly what your obligations are on both sides.

Secondly, you definitely want to keep documentation of everything. So if you start feeling this relationship might be going sour or even before, make sure you are keeping notes on everything. Keep your e-mails. Write down any notes from any conversations you have, keep it dated. And then you can clearly go back and understand what your obligations were and what theirs were and what the understanding was along the way.

Third, don’t argue. Arguing with a difficult client is just going to end poorly. It is not going to get you anywhere. They’re not going to agree that you’re right. It is just going to take it to a more negative place.

Finally, be calm and clear. Make sure that the expectations on both sides are understood – the cost, the time, the results. You need to know what they expect of you and they need to know what you expect of them as well.

So those are a couple pieces of advice for dealing with a difficult client which hopefully you will never need.