Search Engine Optimization with NO Programming Required!

Lolo Siderman, Founder and CEO of Gypsywing Media ( gives some pointers on increasing SEO. These tips will help you boost your website’s exposure without a developer’s help.

  1. Ensure your site was built using SEO best practices
  2. Create a blog & post consistently
  3. Write as a guest blogger on other sites within your industry
  4. Take advantage of social media tools
  5. Register your company with Google Places

My clients asked me regularly about SEO. What does it mean? How do they do it? What is search engine optimization? And, there really are a few things that you can do with no programming, no technical knowledge at all to increase your search engine optimization.

You do want to start with a website where you have a developer use SEO best practices after that. One of the things you can do is to start a blog and blog regularly. Even if it's once a week or once every 2 weeks this is creating fresh content on your website and that appeals to Google and it will increase your ranking in search engines.

Another thing you can do is guest blog so that means checking out other blogs that relate to your industry and offering to write a blog post for those blogs. And, what that does is for one thing it gets you in front of other people, new audiences but it also usually they all put in a link that will go back to your website. So, this is creating links from other relevant sources to your site which that also appeals to Google and that will help increase your ranking.

Another thing you can do is use social media. These are well-established recognize sites and you can create profiles on them, engage in them. You're going to be using keywords that appeal to your industry. You can have links on there. You can post links to your blogs from there. So, it's just further creating that network of links and keywords and relevant information that all leads back to your website.

And, the final thing that you can do that a lot of people don't realize or ignore is Google Places. You can actually go ahead and post your business and address on Google Places for free and when people type in whether it's, you know, Los Angeles dentist. If you're the LA dentist group and you put your business in the Google Places you might show up in the places and you'll have a little dot on the map and it's actually free.

So, those are a couple of things you can do to increase your search engine optimization without any programming.