The Secret to Leveraging Your Time & Money as an Entrepreneur

Corey Quinn is Vice President of Business Development at The Search Agency ( Here he shares the entrepreneurial secret to leveraging your time and money. These tips will help entrepreneurs use their time and money efficiently.

  1. Use to find & hire quality overseas contractors
  2. Interview a few candidates & offer test projects to assess ability


As an entrepreneur you want to maximize your time and your money. So one of the great ways you could do that is by using a site called Odesk is a site where you can leverage overseas workers that get paid on a much more competitive rate than I’d say the United States. You can hire contractors for anything from web design to accounting and quick books to doing online marketing.

I personally hire overseas contract workers from Odesk for link acquisition, directory submission and transcription of videos similar to this one. My advice is when you go on Odesk you should interview at least a few contractors and give them a couple of test projects before you decide to work with one on an ongoing basis.

So Odesk is a great way for entrepreneurs to leverage their time and their money because they can leverage the overseas workers that get paid on a very competitive rate so that the entrepreneur can focus on building his business and focusing on the most important things that are going to make a difference in the business.