The Key to Successful Prospecting & Boosting Sales in Your Business

Aaron Ross is the Author of Best-selling book "Predictable Revenue" ( During this video he discusses the key to successful prospecting. This information can possibly lead to a boost in sales of your business.

  1. Dedicate a specialized team member to handle prospecting
  2. Specialization can lower overhead & boost sales substantially


I think one of the most controversial fundamental principles I believe in is that sales people should not prospect. There's more debate that's why if you read my book or my stuff you'll see I repeat it so often. It's the idea of specializing.

If there's only one thing you can do to make outbound sales effective at your company, prospecting is to have a dedicated role where you have a sales, you know, an inside sales person and all they do is prospect and find opportunities and then they pass them to sales people to close. So then, the sales people aren't prospecting. They're really just closing and working pipeline. They high value work and you have a lower cost more specialized, more expert, more dedicated person or people in inside sales doing all the prospecting for the team. I mean you can triple, quadruple, quintuple your results very easily when you take that approach.