Avoid the Entrepreneurial Pitfall of Hiring Sales People too Fast

Aaron Ross is the Author of best-selling book "Predictable Revenue" (http://predictablerevenue.com/book/). In this video Aaron discusses the problems with hiring sales people too quickly. These tips will help small business owners avoid the entrepreneurial pitfall of hiring sales people too fast.

  1. The most common hiring mistake in early companies - hiring a sales person or executive too fast
  2. A CEO must sell before hiring a salesperson
  3. Hire one (or two) entrepreneurial person who can sell
  4. Get success & results prior to hiring more salespeople


It’s amazing how many entrepreneurs make horrible mistakes in hiring sales people especially too fast. You know I was an internet CEO and one of the fatal mistakes I made about my company went on business was hiring sales people too fast and hiring the wrong ones.

In talking with entrepreneurial CEO’s all the time, you know, it’s like the CEO starts a company. They get a product out and they want to hire sales people and literally the most common sales mistake in those early companies is hiring a sales person too fast.

First; the CEO you have to sell. You have to sell first. You have to figure it out because, you know, you hire a sales person, their job is to sell what you figured out, all right. So you figure it out first before you hire a sales person. When you are ready to hire someone to sell and to help you figure out how to sell, don’t hire a sales person with a glittering sales resume. ‘Cause usually those people have been in companies that have all the tools and process figured out. What you want is an entrepreneurial business person who can sell and who can help you figure it out. It’s that first sales hire should be more of an entrepreneurial type like yourself may be a younger version of you, a problem solver.

The last thing is that, you know, before you start trying to hire lots of sales people, just get some data first. So first you sell and you get some success. You sell something and then you’re, all right, I’m going to hire someone to help me figure out more of a process and make it more repeatable, all right and they get a few sales and then once you have a little bit of track record then you’ll get a sense of okay-- if I want to hire four more sales people, do I know that I’m going to make money with them? Don’t hire them before you know you’re going to get a return on them, all right. Just be a little patient. Get some data first. Get some success first before you try to go crazy and hire a big team of sales people.

You know I understand you’re so impatient to get sales in, to get sales in and you’re tired of selling. You know but really it’s going to work out so much better for you if you can have a little patience, you know, learn a little more for yourself first. Get some data before hiring a sales person who’s either going to be the wrong fit and cost you a ton of money and drive you crazy or just a waste of money.