Insider Sales Secrets and Why You Need to Feed the Squirrels

Aaron Ross is the Author of best-selling book "Predictable Revenue" ( During this video he discusses insider sales secrets. These tips will help when trying to build a market and audience for your content.

  1. Avoid making prospects & clients feel like they're being attacked
  2. Unveil your best content & let clients come to you
  3. Continually offer content to increase trust & commitment


I think it’s one of my favorite metaphors. I’ve used in all the years of teaching sales and doing sales is this idea of squirrel feeding. May be because it’s just sort of funny but think about it this way, you know, when you’re working with prospects or clients they hate it when you attack with a bunch of scruff you know food that you’re trying to shove down their throats. And they’re like, pretend they’re a squirrel. You know if they were squirrels and you ran at them with a bunch of food, they’d run away.

So what works today, again because everyone’s so overwhelmed with noise and e-mail and calls and etc. is if you take your tastiest food and you put it out there and that food could be a blog, it could be videos, it could be content, it could be workshops, free trial, you know, but whatever your best stuff is, you give it away. You put it out there and you wait for your prospects to come to you.

And then you have another follow up with it like that here’s another one and then another one and you let them get to know you on their own terms with gradually increasing steps of trust and commitment. So for example perhaps they see a blog post that they like of yours and then that can lead them to which I could spend, you know, 30 seconds. Oh that’s great. I’m willing to spend 3 minutes on a video. Oh that’s great. I’m willing to spend 30 minutes on a demo. Oh that’s great. I’m willing $500 or $20 on a product. Oh that’s great. I’m willing to spend $5,000 on a workshop and so on.

You know people now that they’re so overwhelmed they want to get to know you on their terms and in bite sized chunks. So it’s up to you to put yourself out there in smaller ways that are complimentary and really give the power to your clients to help them get to know you on their terms.