3 Requirements for Tripling Sales

Aaron Ross is the Author of best-selling book "Predictable Revenue" (http://predictablerevenue.com/book/). During this video he discusses three requirements for tripling sales. These tips will help when trying to boost your sales.

  1. Divide the sales staff into specialized roles
  2. Inbound leads, prospectors, closers, & account managers
  3. Request referrals & avoid cold calls
  4. Develop business people who can sell, rather than sales people


What I found from, you know I’ve spent years consulting with companies and some that have worked really well and some that have failed. And when it works really well it can be 10’s or 100’s of millions of dollars. Then there’s really three simple things to do when you want to double or triple sales and if you don’t do them it’s real easy to get-- to totally fail in your attempt.

So first, is you have to specialize your sales people. What that means is if you don’t have a sales team and you’re adding one or you already have one. It’s really important to know that your sales team will not be very effective unless you have different roles for different people and there’s really four core roles. Some might be responding to inbound leads and while other people are just prospecting and then other sales people are just closing and the fourth role is just managing current accounts. And so the first thing you have to do is specialize your sales people.

The second thing you have to do is to ask for referrals instead of making cold calls. You know often times--and cold calling used to work. It worked a lot and but, you know, it really now it’s just a waste of time but you can be very, very effective in calling on cold accounts even cold accounts and asking for a referral approach. But they’re using it through e-mail or phone calls and so referrals not cold calls.

And the third thing you need to do that is incredibly important especially now a days is to develop your sales people but you want business people who can sell rather than sales people. Everyone’s tired of being sold stuff.

They’re sick of being sold to but what they do want is to talk to people who can help them, who can teach them something and so the more that you’re able to train and develop your people into business people who can sell, the more value they’re going to create for clients and the more your clients will actually want to talk to them and to hire you or buy your products from your company.

All right so it’s really, you know, whether you read or mature my book you’ll see this time and time again because it’s so important is that you have to specialize, you know, use the referral approach rather than making cold calls and also train your people. How they can add value to the clients rather than just trying to sell them stuff.