Mike Arrington Interview with Jason Nazar (Docstoc CEO)

Docstoc CEO, Jason Nazar, hosts a the largest ongoing tech event in southern california, Startups Uncensored. It's a forum for the most weel know entrepreneurs to share their lessons and experiences with others. This month’s guest was Michael Arrington the founder of TechCrunch and managing partner of Crunchfund. In a candid interview with Docstoc’s CEO Jason Nazar, the world famous blogger turned venture-capitalist shared his thoughts on a variety of topics including what it takes to be an entrepreneur, his penchant for candidness, and what decisions he regrets most in his professional career.

At one point Mr. Arrington claims he cannot understand why 700 people came out in Santa Monica to hear him talk, but watch the video and you are sure to see why he is one of the most influential voices in the technology industry.

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