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Survival of the Fittest and Successful Job Evolution

Josh Brooks is Founder of Post Card on the Run ( During this video he discusses survival of the fittest and successful job evolution. These tips can help you understand how jobs should positively boost your career forward.

  1. Changing careers can yield positive results
  2. Avoid burning bridges
  3. Every job should propel your career forward

Your job evolves, you evolve. What you are like, what your skill sets are evolves. Understanding that, switching careers is actually sometimes needed. It’s sometimes really healthy for you. And this just stands it feels really good when it's done in a way that it makes sense and helps you kind of move to the next level.

I think it's really important that you just understand a simple concept, don't burn bridges. And if anything, stick to the high road and be nice. It's really easy to just do the right thing.

And there's also something around the concept of, what are these things within my job world that are more stepping stones and not stumbling steps. What are the things within my career that I can actually learn from that might prepare me to another direction? And also, have the insight to know that, that might be a stumbling step and I'm not going to go anywhere and I'm not actually going to learn anything from that experience that's going to benefit me in the years to come.

So, generally speaking, it's a somewhat scary kind of thing, the job evolution. But chances are, when you do it right, you feel so much better about yourself. And you look back and then in the history of your jobs, you understand that you become actually a better person, a better employee, a better thinker because of what time you put in to, you know, crafting your own career path instead of letting it craft you.