Tips for Using Video to Successfully Pitch Your Product

Josh Brooks is Founder of Post Card on the Run ( Josh shares tips for using video when making a pitch. This will help you successfully pitch your product.

  1. Understand your audiences- investors, users, partners, marketers, etc.
  2. Make it short & sweet
  3. Keep it within a reasonable budget
  4. Take advantage of metadata

Having used the video within my product story and really getting people early on to understand what I'm trying to build. I would say there's a handful of tips that I've found that can help others when they're thinking about their businesses. Number one is, know your audiences and know that you’re potentially speaking to investors, other users, partners, marketers.

Make sure your story is concise but make sure it's actually appealing to all those different verticals. Make it short and sweet. Everyone always says it but it's absolutely true. Don't get into this pace of too long, 5 minutes, 7 minutes to try to tell your story. Forget about it. If you can't say what you wanted to say in a one minute pitch, it's not worth it.

Keep it affordable. It's really easy that these things can get really expensive but they really shouldn't. There's a lot of online tools that are out there to make these things a lot easier. I would also say that the value of metadata. I would say that metadata is your friend in this instance because you'll find new people to find your product because what you've done to actually define your product in video.

Overall, having used video as a big component in my early stage of the company, I would absolutely recommend that anyone use a really well conceived video to tell that story as part of the bigger operation of what you're trying to build and what you're trying to share with people.