3 Keys to Successful Marketing & Riding the Pop Culture Wave

Josh Brooks is Founder of Post Card on the Run (http://www.postcardontherun.com/). In this video he shares three keys to successful marketing. This will help small business owners ride the pop culture wave.

  1. Timeliness & speed to market despite competition
  2. Tap into current trends
  3. Provide an innovative solution to an existing issue

After being an executive and marketing, digital marketing, for years and being an artist manager, I can tell you that there's really 3 key ways to writing that pop culture wave.

Timeliness and speed to market: Understandingly, there's competition out there, but competition is really a good thing. It proves that your product or your idea is viable. And I would say that if I name a vertical, I can also name 5 competitors.

Tapping into the cultural fabric: What's happening right now in file and television, in comedy, in sports and understanding those things to use as an asset to help building your company.

Lastly, I would say that to have a real solution for a real problem. I think it's interesting to say that you don't want to create more headaches, more problems. You actually want to come up a concept or a utility that help solve all of those things.

I would say that if you can pull all of these things together and choreograph them in a really tasteful way, users are going to love them, the products are going to a be sold and you'll have that kind of halo effect around what you're building.