Networking Tips for Women Professionals

Alaia Williams, Founder of One Organized Business (, gives pointers for women looking to network in business. These tips will help women prepare for networking events, present themselves professionally and follow up afterwards.

  1. Always show up
  2. Determine who you want to connect with
  3. Ensure you are prepared & professional
  4. Your business card should reflect your tone & personality
  5. Be sure to follow-up

Networking can be an incredibly valuable way for any woman to build her business or professional career.

The most important thing to remember is to show up. Nothing happens if you show up and people don't meet you. So you’ve got to really get out there and bust through your fears and meet people and introduce your self.

The next thing that's really important to know is who you want to connect with. Do you actually have a business that targets other women? Then you probably want to go to women’s organizations, women networking groups to connect with you know, your intended audience. Who do you want to connect with? How can you help them and what do you want to get out of the particular event? Those are all key things to remember.

The next thing is to be prepared and be professional. Know who you're dealing with. Know who's the host and hostess is. Ask how you can help and always show up with business cards with accurate information. Your business card should reflect a great business tone, but also your own personal style and flair as well.

The next to do is to follow up. I know as women we tend to manage a lot of things at once and do a lot of multi tasking, but the growth and the real power of networking comes from follow up. So make that time to build relationships with other professionals that are going to grow your business. Follow up with people within 48 hours while you're fresh in their minds.

If you show up prepared, professional and ready to connect, you make a powerful impact as a woman in the business world.