Delegating Tasks to Maximize Your Effectiveness

Alaia Williams, Founder of One Organized Business (, shares four easy steps for properly delegating tasks to your team. This will help you decide what tasks you can manage, and which you can confidently assign to others.

  1. Your business is your responsibility
  2. Detail all your routine tasks
  3. Determine which tasks can be delegated
  4. Recruit new team members as needed

No one knows your business better than you. I know of a lot of busy business owners are trying to handle every detail from A to Z when it comes to their business.

The key thing for you to remember is that you run your business. It's not the other way around. So we're going to be talk a little bit about why delegating is important and how you can get started.

The first thing that you can do is list all of your routine tasks. This is going to include your daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks and even annual tasks.

Next categorize items that can be delegated. Figure out first what you have to do, something like setting the strategic direction for your company for example and what can be delegated to someone else. Whether that's an intern following up phone calls or your bookkeeper dealing with all the financial and number matters regarding your business.

The last thing to do is bring others on board as needed. Don't go over board with hiring a full team right away. Think of what you need in the very beginning. For a lot of people outsourcing your public relations or your accounting is really important. Getting a lawyer is important as well.

Other things might be able to wait for later. So, bring people on board as needed and as you’re comfortable and will make the delegation process a lot smoother for you.